Top 10 Things To Do in Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls, Idaho remains one of the most interesting places to visit in the United States. If you are a born adventurer, you will find Twin Falls to be a haven, and if you aren't already a nature lover, Twin Falls will definitely steal your heart!
So when visiting Twin Falls, here are the top 10 things you should do.
  • Snake River Canyon
        This amazing canyon goes beyond 50 miles. It was formed as ancient flows of lava created a snake-like path through it many years ago. Now the Snake River passes through the canyon. The Perrine Bridge overlooks the Snake River Canyon and this is also where Shoshone Falls is located. If you enjoy watching the sunset, visiting Snake River canyon in the evening will definitely be an amazing experience. 


  • Shoshone Falls
        When visiting Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls is a place you need to see. The waterfall is located in Shoshone Falls State Park. Shoshone Falls is about 900ft wide and 212ft high. The captivating waterfall is one of the biggest in the US. It is also known as the ‘Niagara Falls of the West’ although it’s 40ft higher. The best time to visit the waterfall is during sunset. If you make it to the falls before the sunset begins, you will be amazed by the view. Most times during sunset, the orange color of the sun reflects on the waterfall walls, making it look even more fascinating.

    view of the Shshone Falls in Twin Falls

  • Perrine Bridge
        Twin Falls also boasts of having the most popular bridge in Idaho. Perrine Bridge is famous because it is the 4th biggest arch bridge in the USA. The bridge is one thousand five hundred feet long and goes over the Snake River Canyon! It is also the only bridge in the US where people can BASE jump all year long – and a permit isn’t even required. People also go to the bridge on weekends to parachute. The bridge doesn’t only provide space for driving but also a sidewalk for strolling. You can drive over the bridge to enjoy its view or choose to walk over it to get a better look. The Perrine Bridge is a breathtaking place to visit. 

    Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls Idaho

  • Craters of the Moon National Monument
        Have you ever wondered what the moon looked like? Maybe you might never get the chance to travel to outer space, but visiting Craters of the Moon National Monument will definitely give you a feel of it. The national monument is almost ethereal. Most people visit Craters of the Moon to hike or visit the caves. When hiking on Craters of the moon, following Broken Top Loop path will give you a great view of all the volcanic activities which constructed the landscape. You mustn't miss an opportunity to visit Craters of the Moon National Monument when in the Twin Falls area. 

    Craters of the moon, Idaho

  • Sawtooth National Forest
        The Sawtooth National Forest is another fascinating place to visit when in Idaho. It occupies 750,000 acres of land with mountains standing at over 10,000 feet. The Sawtooth mountains are captivating and make the forest even more exciting to see. The forest offers a number of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, bird watching, fishing, camping and so on. As an outdoor lover, Sun Valley is an area near the Sawtooth National Forest you definitely should enjoy. It provides endless outdoor activities like skiing, biking, running, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, and many more!

    You can also explore Redfish Lake an hour away from Sun Valley. The lake has an attractive view of the Sawtooth Mountains. You can enjoy a picnic at on the lake or simply be inspired by the scenery. The lake provides an opportunity for visitors to kayak, fish, hike or just meditate. You can also enjoy a boat ride over the lake. Do not miss an opportunity to see Redfish Lake when near the Sawtooth National Forest.


    Sawtooth national forest

  • Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
        The Hagerman fossil beds national monuments is a fun place to visit when in Twin Falls because there you can see the famous Equus simplicidens. This fossil horse has now become the Idaho state fossil. Hagerman Fossil Beds is about 40 miles west of Twin Falls in the visitor’s center of the park; there are samples of some fossils which were discovered and removed in Hagerman. At Hagerman fossil beds, you will also find that the Oregon Trail also runs right through the monument. Here you can revisit history with sights of the ruts formed by wagons which used to travel through the trail years ago. If you love western history, don't miss the chance to visit Hagerman Fossil Beds national monument.  

    Hagerman horse Idaho


  • City of Rocks National Reserve
  •     Located about 90 miles south-east of the Twin Falls is City of Rocks National Reserve. This national reserve is a relaxing place where people from far and wide visit to rock-climb. In this reserve there are over 500 routes for climbing, each of these routes range from 50 feet to 600 feet long. The reserve provides an amazing subject for photography. Here you can get great pictures of the sunrise, the sunset, and astro-photography. If you don’t intend to place a permanent anchor, climbing City of Rocks National Reserve is free. Asides climbing, the reserve is great for camping, hiking, and much more. 

    City f Rocks near Twin Falls

  • Centennial Waterfront Park
        Centennial Waterfront Park is another location in Twin Falls where you can soak in a view of Snake River Canyon and Twin Falls. Asides enjoying a nice view, there is a few hiking trails to explore, and you can also kayak or fish on the lake. Picnics are also very enjoyable at Centennial Waterfront Park. If you little ones, there is a play area in the park for kids to enjoy themselves.  

    Centennial Waterfront Park
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  • Downtown Twin Falls
  •     Asides climbing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors; Twin Falls also has a number of amazing restaurants and stores for you to eat and shop. There you can get souvenirs and try some new dishes. Downtown Twin Falls has a number of restaurants which have been in existence for many years.Downtown Twin Falls Idaho
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    Twin Falls provides visitors with so many things to do and see. Planning your trip to Twin Falls around these ten activities will definitely make your trip worthwhile.

    Take out your pen and paper and start planning!
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