Get Your Subaru Ready For Colder Weather

Blue Forester driving in a forest in autumn 

They call it Fall for good reason, it's when things starts coming down. Which makes it a perfect time for you to come down and see our friendly staff at Subaru of Twin Falls.

Our Factory trained Technicians will make sure your car is ready for the change of season, no matter which model you drive. Our Service team will be ready to inspect your car, top to bottom and in accordance to OEM requirements. 

Fall Maintenance at Subaru of Twin Falls

Are you wondering if your Subaru is ready to take on cold weather and icy roads? Our team will run a multi-point inspection to verify the condition of your vehicle and identify potential issues. 

We'll happily test your battery and run a health report so you know it's condition. Inspect your heating, air conditioning and defroster system to be sure you can clear those foggy windows. Check the air pressure on your tires, the condition of your tires and the performance of your brakes to ensure safe driving. Your wipers will be used more often so we'll inspect the blades, Fill your washer fluids and clean the sprayer nozzle too! And we'll test your lights, inside and out, because Fall can change a lot things, but you and your Subaru should keep going as if nothing changed at all.

We are here to help make it last.

  • Inspect the tires – pressure, tread depth and condition
  • Consider Winter tires
  • Check the oil level
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Inspect the heating, cooling and defroster system

  • Test the battery
  • Check the wipers and exterior lights
  • Check the components of the suspension system
  • Check the wheel alignment
  • Check the brake pads and component

Thinking about changing to Winter Tires? 

Here are Subaru of Twin Falls, we strongly suggest changing your All-Season Tires to Winter Tires. These tires are specifically engineered for a firmer grip on icy roads and combined with the Symmetrical AWD system, will help you fight the extreme driving conditions to come.  Get in touch with our Parts department to see which snow tires are best for your vehicle. 

Schedule your Service inspection at Subaru of Twin Falls. 

Think ahead of the curve by scheduling your Fall multi-point inspection right now. You can easily schedule your visit using our online scheduler right here. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our service or parts team to see the options available to you.


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