Subaru BEV Concept and the Future of the Company.

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Subaru Entering The Hybrid Market


Subaru has been slow to join the future of electric vehicles. Now they have finally started moving forward. In 2019 they started with a couple of hybrid cars, and now a partnership with Toyota promises an all electric Vehicle. 


There is a growing need for sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles. Tesla motors have been gaining in popularity every year with a record-breaking production rate and delivery rate.& nbsp;


Car companies like Subaru are starting to seize on this new opportunity. BMW added its i3 range and Mercedes with its EQC SUV, a long range electric vehicle. 


Subaru Went Hybrid in 2019


In 2019, Subaru moved into the hybrid field with the Crossrek and Forester, but the demand has been less than expected. They pumped investment money into taking on Toyota’s hybrid technology in 2019, and in 2020 they plan to move fully electric.& nbsp;


The race for full electric BEV’s is already underway, and now the Japanese car maker is playing catch up.& nbsp;

The future in 2020 and their partnership with Toyota


Now, the company has laid out plans to deliver 40% of its sales from fully electric products by 2030. This still falls behind competitors like Honda who expect 66% of their sales to come from electric vehicles in the same period. 


Subaru announced a new fully electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) with Toyota, a partnership with Toyota which started over 15 years ago in 2005. 

The CEO Thoughts On the Future


Subaru’s CEO Tomomi Nakamura is still skeptical about the future of electric technology however knows that it’s a strong trend moving forward and wants to capitalise on it if possible. 


He stated that “The U.S. market is really tough,” and that “the market for electrified vehicles will take some more time to for im the U.S. Only Tesla’s EV’s are selling well,”. 


While he’s not wrong about Tesla’s EV’s, the skeptical Japanese automaker might still underestimate the value and growth that electric vehicles will have in the future.


Despite his skepticism Nakamura admits that there is a strong trend and has joined with Toyota to create a fully electric vehicle. He stated that “We need to watch carefully how the market trend will change,”, and added that “I think a trend toward electrified vehicles will emerge, without doubt, so we would like to make preparations for that,”. 


Toyota has also had its fair share of skepticism, being one of the most anti-EV companies in the auto industry. This comes from the experience of developing technology and the time it takes to bring it to the general population. 


Now as hybrids are becoming more popular and companies are all bringing their own EV's to market, it’s time for Toyota and Subaru to jump on the electric bandwagon.& nbsp;

The Future is Electric

The future of Subaru will use this partnership with Toyota to hit the goal of 40% electric vehicle sales by 2030. They will use the Toyotas electrification technology, coupled with Subaru’s original all-wheel-drive technology. They have already started with hybrid technologies, and the move towards an EV will allow them to break into the all electric market. 


Subaru wants to keep to their “go-anywhere” brand and the CTO, Tetsua Onuki said “we want to make hybrids that are distinctly Subaru.”. Tetsuo added that “It’s not only about reducing C02 emissions. We need to further improve vehicle safety and the performance of our all-wheel drive.”


While prices remain high for EV’s, Subarus focus is to keep to their all-wheel drive brand, while at the same time slowly dipping their toes into the hybrid models and working towards a fully electric vehicle. 


The goal to work with Toyota will reduce those costs and make the transition easier, because Toyota has already been working on the battery technology that Subaru will need.& nbsp;

Battery Challenges for the future


One of the biggest challenges for Subaru and other automakers, is the electric vehicle batteries. This is the reason why Tesla is leading the EV market right now. Their battery technology is incredibly advanced. 


Catching up to this innovation is proving difficult, and companies like Toyota are leading the charge. Subaru has been very slow to enter the market for this reason, and this partnership with Toyota will help them take the next step. 



The Electric Market


The electric car market is still in its infancy, with only 1% of the entire U.S. fleet being EV’s. It is however one of the fastest growing sectors, and with the modern need for clean and environmentally friendly vehicles, it’s no surprise. 


This is the first step in the right direction for Subaru. The partnership with Toyota to develop a BEV SUV under the Subaru brand, and using Toyota’s technology, will take them into the EV market. 



Saving The Planet One Car At A time


The goal is to make even better cars for both companies and bring together the companies strengths. Toyota’s battery technology and Subarus four-wheel-drive technology will help develop the next generation Toyota 86, the Subaru BRZ and other BEV concepts that have been discussed. 


They plan to improve on the current strong partnership between the companies, and take part in this massive transformation in the car industry. 


The Subaru Crosstrek and the Forester were just the start of Subarus journey to fully Electric Vehicles. In the next decade they will continue down this path, with Toyotas help, to get to 40% of sales from electric vehicles, and make their cars, their technology, and the planet, stronger and healthier than before. 


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