The 2020 Subaru Legacy is a “Best Car To Buy” nominee

Best car to buy in 2020 
Every year, the editors at drive hundreds of new vehicles and compile a list of all the best new cars and SUV  that shoppers should be aware of. After driving so many vehicles, they concluded that in this day and age, there is no “Bad” new car, however some rise above the rest. Subaru of Twin Falls is proud to report that both the 2020 Subaru Outback and the 2020 Subaru Legacy have been nominated.

In 2019, the Subaru Forester was nominated and was voted Best Car to buy is 2019. said “no other 2019 vehicle…

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Are Subarus the Best Winter Vehicles?

Are subarus the best in the snow? 

Many regions in the U.S. have already started seeing snow. And everyone knows that when there are low temperatures combined with ice and snow, the roads can descend into chaos pretty fast. Of course, not the kind of mayhem you would find on the Fury Road on the Mad MAX movie, but you get the idea, right? 

During winter, keeping warm inside your car is barely enough, you also need to make sure that you won't have problems like getting stuck on the road. Lack of grip, poor visibility, and inexperienced drivers with snow and vehicles meant for…

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Subaru Vehicles Are The Best Used SUV That Money can buy.

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Used car shoppers have a wide variety of vehicles, when it comes to purchasing a used SUV or Crossover. Read on to see why according to Vincentric, buying a used Subaru is your best option.

[Picture of a CPO Subaru will be inserted]

Thinking about purchasing a used SUV? Look no further than your closer Subaru Dealership.

The Subaru brand recently got recognized in the latest Vincentric Best CPO…

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2020 Subaru Forester vs 2020 Toyota Rav4

Today, there is fierce competition in the compact crossover market. This is because a growing number of buyers are seeking the features these SUVs provide such as versatility, affordability, and tall ride height. Two of the most popular crossovers in this market are the 2020 Subaru Forester and the 2020 Toyota Rav4.

Forester vs Rav4 

While there are cheaper options, none of them can match the capability and reliability of the Forester and Rav4. There is no arguing…
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2020 Subaru Legacy vs 2019 Honda Accord

Hi Subaru gang here is a really informative comparison between the brand new 2020 Subaru Legacy and the 2019 Honda Accord. The video was created by John Coil of AutoNation. The video transcript is available below if you want to follow along.


I’m John Coil, welcome to AutoNation drive head to head feature. In this corner we have the Subaru Legacy, the auto wheel drive sedan is fully redesigned for 2020 and comes…

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Get Your Subaru Ready For Colder Weather

Blue Forester driving in a forest in autumn 

They call it Fall for good reason, it's when things starts coming down. Which makes it a perfect time for you to come down and see our friendly staff at Subaru of Twin Falls.

Our Factory trained Technicians will make sure your car is ready for the change of season, no matter which model you drive. Our Service team will be ready to inspect your car, top to bottom and in accordance to OEM…
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Subaru Of Twin Falls Loves Pets


One of our favorite things about Twin Falls is how pet-friendly this area is. You can always find just as many four-legged friends perusing the rim of the canyon just as you can two-legged ones. It’s refreshing to see the community come together and it’s people like you that make us feel like we really can make a difference, together.

Subaru loves pets too, which is why October is Subaru Loves Pets month…

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Why A Subaru Is A Good Choice For A First Time Driver

Subaru Impreza in the street 

Growing up to experience all the fun milestones is an exciting part of any young adult's life. A new driver's first car can be an exciting yet uncertain time. One of the most thrilling events in a person's life is getting their first car. It's not easy to find the perfect vehicle for new drivers on the road.

The Subaru Vehicle Is Built For The New Driver

Young drivers on the…
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Top 5 myths about buying a used car

Top 5 Myth about buying a Used Car used car in a park 

To Buy New Or Used? That is The Question

It's something almost everyone does at least a few times in their lives. Buying a car should be a fun experience, but it is often met with a great deal of stress. For many, it's hard to make a decision to purchase new or get a used one. If you are on the prowl for a…

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The KMVT Kids fest in Twin Falls was a great success.

We Love our Twin Falls Community!

Subaru of Twin Falls was beyond excited to be involved in the community, we could not have asked for a better turnout for the annual Kid Fest.

We loved meeting the public at the 2019 CSI Kids Fest and watching all the families have fun outdoors. Subaru of Twin Falls wants to continue the support at community events.

Our goal is to encourage more active and adventurous lifestyles. The…
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